Fans Are Confused By Love Island’s Adam’s Hideaway Admission

Love Island‘s Adam Maxted shocked everyone last night… by, er, NOT having sex on national television.

Yep. We really did just write that sentence. And crazily, it really was a shock.

As we all know, Adam is currently coupled up with 20-year-old Katie Salmon. They were given a romantic night alone in the hideaway on yesterday’s show, which usually leads in a particular direction.

> Adam treated Katie to a massage in the hideaway


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We saw them enjoying a massage and a passionate kiss, but that was where things ended. Instead, Adam decided to call it a night.

The 24-year-old later explained his decision, revealing that it was all down to his blossoming wrestling career.

> Things did get pretty steamy… until Adam went to sleep


He said: ‘I couldn’t risk having sex etc on TV because I have to think of my passion and my dream of making it to the WWE, and in America that would go against me if I did do that so I haven’t done it and that’s why.’

TBH, it wasn’t exactly a surprise that Adam wasn’t keen on taking things further.

He’d earlier told the boys: ‘I did think: “Are we going to get the full use of that, for what it’s used for?” Probably not.’

> Adam is a budding wrestler


Alex Bowen tried to reassure Adam by responding: ‘It’s not just about the sex. There’s no pressure at all.’

And Scott Thomas concurred: ‘All I’m saying is, you need to go past first base. Just go in there and let it flow. This is Your Moment, Martine McCutcheon.

Of course, fans had some pretty strong opinions of the evening’s proceedings over on Twitter.



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Plenty agreed with Adam’s standpoint, with one writing: ‘Thank goodness one of them understands what sex etc on TV can mean for their career/dream.’

Another said: ‘Adam showed great restraint, fair play.’

> Katie and Adam coupled up last week


But others couldn’t help bringing the conspiracy theories out, with comments including: ‘Katie and Adam seem so fake #loveisland,’ and: ‘Adam and Katie are so not into each other #LoveIsland.’

Hmmm. While we totally respect Adam’s decision, we guess we’ll find out about his and Katie’s true compatibility after tonight’s final…