People Have Strong Opinions About Love Island’s Adam J

Adam Jukes may be a Love Island newbie, but he’s already causing a major stir on social media.

The 23-year-old was seen being left without a partner during last night’s coupling ceremony, after Tina chose to pair up with the other Adam.

Then in a twist, it was revealed that both he and fellow singleton Troy will go on a date with a new female islander – before she chooses who gets to stay in the villa.

> Adam J failed to couple up last night


Ooh. We’re already excited for tonight’s episode…

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Adam is probably pretty surprised that Tina didn’t pick him. Before entering the show, he described himself as a ‘9.5 out of 10’ and ‘energetic, good looking and spontaneous.’

> Well. He definitely has confidence


Some viewers agree, with Tweets including: ‘Adam J is so hot #LoveIsland,’ and: ‘Adam J on @LoveIsland had THEE best dress sense. Quirky, but classy [sic].’

But unfortunately for the Manchester lad, not everyone on social media has been so kind. Eep.

You may remember Adam stating that he reckons he dresses well. But some of these Tweeters have a different opinion.

> Adam J wore this vest on his date with Olivia


One quipped: ‘Ermmm who told Adam J he dresses well?! on that date yesterday he looked like he was playing in The Masters! #loveisland.’

Another wrote: ‘You absolutely do not dress well Adam J. I assure you.. The entire United Kingdom assures you #LoveIsland.’

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Hmm. Here at LOOK HQ we believe that style is all down to the individual. So if Adam’s happy in his clobber, then who are we to judge?

And host Caroline Flack has also stuck up for him, Tweeting: ‘New Adams hair is the complete opposite to a receding hairline… He has SO MUCH HAIR.’

Good point, Cazza. Good point.