Backstage With Beyoncé And Blue Ivy!

Beyoncé and 17-month-old Blue Ivy are quite possibly the cutest mother-daughter duo we’ve ever seen. Sharing a selection of intimate snaps of her and her baby’s backstage bonding on her Tumblr account, the 31-year-old singer has been making the entire LOOK team’s hearts melt by allowing us an exclusive peek into the secret world of Bey and Blue… 

In one of the photos, Beyoncé, whose new song Standing On The Sun was leaked online yesterday, is seen standing over her daughter’s pram dressed in a glamorous red gown as her tiniest fan points a finger at her superstar mum’s nose. Too cute.

The Grown Woman singer also posted an adorable picture of little Blue donning a jewel-encrusted purple crown as half of her face peers into the camera. Well, a mini crown is only fitting for the daughter of Queen Bey, right? 

Beyoncé has also been talking about how her only child reacted to her mum’s starring role as Queen Tara in animated movie, Epic. 

“I showed her a few of the scenes”, the wife of rapper Jay-Z revealed to Australia chat show The Project. “She’s still young, so her attention span is about 20 minutes, but she did see it. She was like, ‘Wait a minute. That’s you!’ So I think she figured it out. She seemed to be impressed.” 

We don’t blame her. When your mum’s one of the coolest megastars in the world, it would be hard not to be!

By Robyn Munson

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