Abbey Clancy On Wobbly Bums And Post-Baby Tummies

Abbey Clancy has been speaking up about her post-baby body, revealing that just like all women, she has her insecurities…

The Britain’s Next Top Model presenter is looking seriously strong, fit and healthy right now. And being the new face of Reebok, we’ve been seeing her fabulous figure being flaunted in a whole host of tiny crop tops and fitted leggings.

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But don’t think that she hasn’t worked hard to get there since giving birth to her second child Liberty Rose back in June.

‘All girls have insecurities, whether it’s worrying about love handles or a wobbly bum, I’m just like everyone else and now that I’m 30 it’s all starting to drop’, she told Women’s Fitness in a new interview. 



‘I work out because it makes me feel strong, healthy and energised’, she added. ‘Exercise also gives me a positive frame of mind.’

Whilst Abbey admits she put in some hard graft to get into the shape she’s in now, she does acknowledge that she’s lucky in some respects.

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Speaking about her best feature, she said: ‘I like my tummy – I’m lucky as I haven’t got any stretch marks after having two kids and I do targeted moves like sit-ups to keep it in shape.’

Just months after her second delivery, Abbey was spotted on the beach in Dubai looking very svelte in a bikini. This, she says, is mainly down to genes.



‘My family’s all quite thin, so we’re quite blessed genetically that way, but you shouldn’t just exercise to feel skinny or thin, she told Hello! back in February. ‘It puts you in a healthy mind-set. It clears your mind and makes you feel strong; it’s not all about losing weight for me.’

Looking ah-mazing, girl.