A Man Writes A List Of What Makes His Wife Cry

Some people are criers, some aren’t. But one thing’s for sure – Aaron Gillies’ wife is a crier.

Aaron is a 28-year-old man who decided to share with the world a letter listing ALL the things that make his wife Lex cry. 

‘My wife cries at absolutely anything. I mean, ANYTHING. So i started writing the reasons down because reasons’, he wrote by way of introduction.

HIlariously, it’s now gone completely viral, with his Imgur post having been viewed over 4 million times. Crikey. Still, it is pretty funny…

Called ‘Reasons my wife is crying’, the list spans the sweet, the sad, and the, um… well, pretty hilarious.

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> Aaron’s letter has gone totally viral, with nearly 4 million Imgur views…


‘She was hungover and saw a picture of a piglet’, read one. ‘I waited until it was dark and pretended to be the Babadook, came another.

But our personal favourite? It has to be: ‘She was hungover and saw a picture of a piglet.

Alongside it, Aaron wrote: ‘My wife cries at absolutely anything. I mean, ANYTHING.’

It’s now been retweeeted over 30,000 times, and husband himself seemingly can’t believe it.

‘I apologise profusely and can only say that this got REALLY out of hand REALLY quickly’, he wrote on Facebook following the post going viral.

Lex? We think it’s time to get your own back.

> Facebook: Aaron Gillies