The £99 Ice-Cream Sundae That Shouldn’t Exist But Does

In the week where the cold has finally entered back onto English soil, now’s probably not the best time to talk about ice-cream. In fairness, the cold has arrived slightly later than usual – maybe it got held up at customs? Either way, if your post-summer cravings haven’t died out, this is for you.

Actually, thinking about it, ice-cream is a treat for all-seasons. In summer, it’s a cool respite from the smothering heat and in winter, it’s a sweet comfort food that accompanies a movie and blankets perfectly.


However, the Ben and Jerry’s might not be cutting it for you anymore. You need an ice-cream that befits your grace, decadence and wealth… maybe not but this ice-cream sundae is going to blow your mind so much you’ll get brain-freeze.

Found in the heart of Las Vegas, Serendipity 3’s ‘Treasure Chest’ comes with a diabetes guarantee and a $99 price tag. This is officially the most childish way to becoming a certified baller. Check out this video below to see this monstrosity in action.

Did you see what went into that concoction? 23-carat edible gold? That is the most Vegas ingredient of all time. That’s some Donald Trump level of austerity. 

We can only assume that the minds behind this sundae had a brainstorming session that went along the lines of:

“Hey, what ingredients should we put in our new treasure chest sundae?”

How about all the ingredients?”

Yeah that sounds about right.”


Now, would you believe us if we told you that this wasn’t even the most expensive sundae the restaurant has to offer? That’s right, the ‘Golden Opulence Sundae’ is made with the world’s rarest chocolate and has to be ordered two days in advance!

It also costs $1,000 in case you were curious and comes with a souvenir Baccarat crystal glass…

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