17 Accessories You Wore If You Grew Up In The 90s

If you grew up in the 90s, we’re willing to bet our bottom dollar that you wore a fair few accessories. Jewelled hair, necks and skin; it was all happening. 

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Get ready to hop, skip and jump down memory lane, as we take you through a list of some of the most memorable accessories to spring up through the 90s and the early 00s. 

More was always more, you know. 

1. Butterfly clips

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was just one of the culprits that sparked this hairvolution.

It was all about dividing your hair into five sections and pinning around the hairline.


2. Jelly shoes

And not just the classic ones you’ll find in the shops these days. The ’90s held a whole treasue trove of colours, styles and heel heights. 

If your mum let you wear the high ones, you were lucky. 

3. Mood rings

According to these babies, we were in a constant transition between feeling romantic, lovable and stressed. 

And did anyone elses get stuck on one colour? 

4. Friendship necklaces

Because bracelets just wouldn’t cut it. 

5. Butterfly slides

Butterflies were just the ‘in’ thing. And, thanks to this spring addition, these little critters gave the illusion of flying around your head. 

Or something. 

6. Tattoo chokers

Topshop Choker, £3.50

En vogue once again, we just can’t get enough. 

Back in the day it was all about stacking as many colours as you could fit around your neck. 

7. Clown charms

On the thickest gold chain available.

Probably from Argos. 

8. Dummy necklaces

One for the aspiring ravers. 

9. Hologram necklaces

Layered with a black velvet choker for the ultimate in ’90s chic. 

10. Multi-coloured bracelets

Bought from the market on your family holiday to Greece. 

11. Jelly bands

AKA we-all-know-what-we-called-them bands.


12. Kickers

The only acceptable school shoes at the time. 

You’d pick them off the shelf before you’d even had your feet measured in Clarks. 

13. Snap bands

Doubling up as a ruler.

Who says fashion isn’t practical? 

14. Tattoo transfers

You’d save the best one (the butterfly with glittery wings, obvs) for the school disco. 

Well, you needed to secure that slow dance somehow, right? 

15. Ying and yang everything

We don’t really know why. 

16. Zig zag hair bands

If you were one of the cool kids, yours was clear and glittery. 

17. Tiffany’s heart charm


Whether a necklace or a bracelet, every secondary school girl wanted one of these… 

And we still do, to be honest. 

Images: Tumblr / Ebay / Pinterest