9 Times Prince George Broke Royal Protocol

Because it's his birthday and, well, because he can...

Prince George is the Royal Family’s number one rebel (sorry Harry!) because well, he simply doesn’t ever follow royal protocol. Of course, that could be down to him being almost two but we like to think it’s because he’s a natural born rule breaker. Such a wee cutie!


Accepting Gifts Graciously

We’ve all been there when Santa brings you socks for Christmas and you have to be uber polite and pretend you love them. Royals are experts at this with Prince George receiving almost 800 official gifts last year alone. On this occasion it seems it was one stuffed toy too many…

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Bow To The Queen

When meeting the Queen, one must observe the traditional forms. For men, this is a neck bow (we know you just tried it) whilst women do a small curtsy. Or if you’d rather, you can do a Prince George and just stare at her and wonder what all the fuss is about.


Being Enthusiastic When Meeting Subjects

As a member of the royal family, Prince George has certain royal duties. There’s a lot of attending events and meeting people. Which means putting a big smile on and radiating enthusiasm- even though your heels hurt and you’re missing the latest episode of OITNB. George hasn’t quite mastered it yet…


Royal Tour

At 9 months old, PG was already breaking the rules by flying with his Dad to Australia. This breaches royal protocol about direct heirs travelling together and in previous generations, children were left at home. Although the cheeky chappy was having none of that and joined his parents on their tour down under.

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Hemlines Below The Knee

It’s well known that Kate was given a bit of a regal makeover when the Queen disapproved of her above the knee hemlines and now George has been spotted showing a bit of knee… whatever next!!


Mastering The Royal Wave

George hasn’t quite mastered the royal wave yet and instead opts for sticking his tongue out. Miley Cyrus eat your heart out.


Be A Gentleman

Kate Middleton’s long, shiny locks are fast becoming iconic and there are attempts to mimic her impeccable blow dries all over the world.  Amanda Cook Tucker, Kate’s personal hair stylist, is the only lady entrusted to touch Kate’s mane. Although as always, George proves he is the exception to the rule by taking a quick yank of the future Queen’s curls.


Fashion Rules

It isn’t a royal protocol (yet) but it should be. The royal family shouldn’t wear crocs. Consider it an unspoken rule. However George defies said unspoken rule by wearing the marmite of shoes to a charity polo game in June. Since then Amazon has revealed a 1,500% rise in sales of the shoe. Proving there is no age limit for being a fashion icon, the tot is following in the footsteps of his fashionista mum. The “Prince George Effect” is born…


Best Behaviour At All Times

Fighting in public. An obvious no go. The furthest the royal family go to vent aggression is booing at the opera baddie. In this outing, George puts a tiny toe over the line and pokes his new friend in the face. We can’t judge the cutie though, maybe the boy judged his crocs.

By Francesca Hanratty