9 Things You’ll Remember If You Were A MySpace Kid

1. Tom Anderson

Need we say anymore? He’ll forever be known as MySpace Tom. 


2. Profile Picture 

> Tom Hardy pretty much nails it…



There was always a lot of pouting involved. MySpace pretty much gave birth to the duck face.

The standard bathroom shot became a rite of passage, the flash from your REAL camera would always blur half of your mirror selfie (remember the times when front facing cameras just didn’t exist?) and there was the obligatory kissing picture if you were in a couple. 


3. Top Friends Politics 




Boy, that was one important system.

You would check back regularly to see if you’d dropped a place in your BFFs ranking. Was it something I said?

Some would try and play it safe (AKA wimp out), changing the settings to show just one top friend.


4. Layout Was Everything 


Let’s face it, MySpace made us all teen HTML geniuses. 

First, there was the race to get the flashiest background. Think bright colours, shiny buttons and falling hearts. 

Then, the basic layout made a comeback. There was a direct correlation between the amount of white space on your profile and your coolness factor. 


5. The Dreaded ‘Online Now’ Icon 




The equivalent of the modern day blue tick of doom on Whatsapp.

My crush is online. So WHY won’t he talk to me? 


6. Comment Etiquette

There were a whole lot of rules.

Like 4 like? Comment 4 comment? 

How else do you think I wracked up 563 comments on this one picture? 



7. Your ‘About Me’ Was Life

A dramatic ode to yourself, your teen self was given the perfect platform to wallow in its own brilliance. 


8. Emojis Were Not A Thing

It was ALL about 






9. And Then Facebook Came… 

… And ruined everything. There was always that one friend who would flat out refuse to make the move.


Myspace 4EVA I.D.S.T. 


By Laura Jane Turner