9 Things You’ll Only Know If You’ve Got A Hot BFF

As much as we absolutely love our gorgeous best friend, there’s a few things that we’ve come to expect from being the plain jane… 

1. She’s got all of the male friends


And she promises to set us up with one of them, but it never quite works out that way.


2. Nights out become even more stressful 


We’ll go through at least three full outfit changes before meeting our BFF at the station.

And she’ll still look better. 

3. Shopping with her is a ‘mare


Aside from the horror of the bright changing room lights, we’ve also got our insanely gorgeous best friend to contend with. 

At least it’s good for our bank balance, as we’ll most likely leave empty handed. 

4. We become the funny friend


But we OWN IT. 

Lads might come over because they spotted her, but we’ll soon seal the deal with our witty banter. 

And that kind of team work is exactly why she’s our BFF. 

5. Drinks are never a problem


She always manages to grab the barman’s attention. 

6. Proud mum syndrome


Having such a hot mama for a BFF makes us feel really good. 

7. Never think a man is good enough for them 


And if you hurt her, we’ll hunt you down. 

8. Sharing a wardrobe is a no-no 


If we happen to buy the same dress, it never quite looks right on us. Sigh. 

9. We get used to the ‘cut’ from the Facebook photo


One picture can only handle so much hotness.