9 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re Addicted To Diet Coke

Ahh, Diet Coke. 

That bubbly brown nectar. 

Us Diet Coke addicts are bound by a common understanding of these simple things… 


1. Wherever we go, we leave a trail of silver and red aluminium in our wake

Whether there’s a queue of coke cans lining our bedroom floor, or a number of empty tins scattered across our work desk, they just blend into the scenery for us. 

2. Just don’t tell us you only have Pepsi 

And DON’T ask us if this is alright. Do we look alright to you? 


3. The sound of a can opening is like music to our ears

And trust us when we say that we’ll hear it from across the room. No matter how busy. Or loud. 


4. If you have one, we’ll want one

We can’t explain it. It’s just how it works. 

5. You can’t beat that feeling of the fizz hitting the back of your throat

If you know, you know. 


6. Do you want ice? 

Unless it’s room temperature (just why?), PLEASE don’t water down our Diet Coke goodness. 


7. Diet Coke can ruin relationships

If we go to the fridge and you’ve snatched the last one, it ends there. 

8. We’re sick of being told it’s not good for us

We don’t drink it because it’s diet. We drink it because of the TASTE. 


9. Some meals just aren’t the same without a side of Diet Coke

Domino’s, we’re looking at you. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you’re a true Diet Coke fan, this article will have triggered you, and you’ll already be on your way to the shop with 65p in your hand… 

Just us?