9 Problems That Only Big Butt Girls Understand

We celebrate all body shapes and sizes. Variety is the spice of life and all that.

Some girls are naturally curvy. With the likes of Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea doing it for the big butt girls, it’s become a fashion statement in its own right. 



But having junk in the trunk is a curse as well as a blessing… 

1. Finding a good fitting pair of jeans is like climbing Everest

Can’t. Get. Them. Over. Knee caps.


Are these maternity jeans? If not, then WHY have I got such a gape around my waist?!


And the daily jean dance? That’s a workout in itself…

2. Leather trousers should carry a warning label 

When you least expect it, a seam may just give up on you.

And don’t, whatever you do, bend-over to touch your toes. That’s just asking for trouble.


3. Wear and tear takes on a whole new meaning 

The inside leg of your jeans will pretty much have a permanent frey from all that thigh rubbing.

But fear not, you can style it out by taking some scissors to those bad boys and making your (previously) nice new jeans into ripped ones. 


4. Bodycon becomes your new best friend 

Sometimes, it’s all we can wear. Especially in the heat. But that thigh rub is undeniable.


5. Don’t talk to us about chafing 

You see those adverts that promote anti-rub cream, Glide? It’s actually made for big butt girls. Don’t be ashamed.

6. It takes a lot of double cheeseburgers to perfect this butt



You’ve just got to respect that kind of graft.

7. Sitting at a table or desk is never comfortable

If you’re able to cross your legs comfortably under a table, prepare to receive daggers from the big butt girl sitting opposite you.


Because butts come with thigh sisters. And can’t nobody put those babies in a corner (or under a table). 

8. Matching top and bottom bikini sets? You can forget that shiz. 

Just how did they work out those measurements anyway? Whose butt is the same size as their boobs? Who created this dictatorship?

9. You’ll get a lot of unwanted attention, even when you’re doing the breakfast run in your sweats and look like a sack of potatoes 



Yes, it’s hard to see how I didn’t fall hopelessly in love with you as you screech at me from your construction site. 

By Laura Jane Turner