78 year old Australian becomes the world’s oldest intern

If you’ve been out of university a few years and still haven’t got a vice-grip on gainful employment, you might think that you’re destined to fail. You’re too young to get a respected position anywhere and too old to be an intern. But guess what? You’re wrong on both accounts.

‘You’re never too old to start anything’ so the expression goes, and it rings truer than ever for Ken Holmes.

Ken Holmes is a grandfather-of-two, 78 years old and, as far as we can tell, the world’s oldest intern. He’s currently helping administration at Mercy Placed Aged Care facility in Parkville, Victoria. The internship is part of a bigger plan to ignite a new career in aged care administration. What? You didn’t honestly believe a 78 year old would be a social media assistant at a hip ticketing agency, did you?

Speaking to Mashable about his decision to go back to work, well, intern, Holmes said: “I haven’t told my kids what I’m doing because I know what they would say that I should be at home. But my advice to anyone else my age who is still fit and healthy is to go back to work.” – damn right, old man.

“I’m doing this course for myself. I’m tired of talking to my dogs and cats who don’t talk back. My favourite part of the job is working with older people and if I behave myself I just might get a bed here”. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you squeeze the perks out of your internship.

Holmes worked previously as surgical toolmaker for 30 years before switching to personal care to allow more time to treat his poorly wife. He eventually had to retire to look after Beatrice.

Ken Holmes is an inspiration to every intern who thinks they’re better than the job they’re doing and to every unemployed scrapper who believes they’re too old to start at the bottom.