7 Times Lucy Watson’s Face Summed Up Our Lives

Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson sure knows how to make her opinions known. The feisty brunette took no time in announcing her presence as she strutted her way on set during series four.

We’re so happy she’s stuck around for the drama. And she’s seen her fair share.

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We’ve watched Lucy go through a versatile relationship with Chelsea’s resident bad boy Spencer Matthews, as well as many clashing encounters with the girls. But we can always rely on Lucy to tell it 
like it is – and, most of the time, her face does the talking for her. 

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That’s why we’ve picked out seven of her best emotional moments, which pretty much sums up our own lives. 

1. When your parents drop you off at University and are waving (and sobbing) and totally cramping your style…



2. When your boyfriend tells you he went straight home but you’ve already seen the rave photos on Facebook… 


3. When your Tinder date is way too keen…


4. When your BFF is crying on your shoulder for the 11th time… 

5. When someone tells you that you’re too opinionated… 






6. When your good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend is begging for forgiveness…





7. When your friend asks for your honest opinion, but you don’t know if she can handle it… 







Oh, Lucy. If ever there was a perfect example of bitchy resting face, you’ve nailed it.
Last night saw the season finale of Made In Chelsea. Sob. Don’t worry, you can uncover your eyes, we won’t spoil it for you if you’re yet to catch up on the latest happenings of the Chelsea gang. But it’s safe to say that a meaningful moment occured for Ms. Watson.
Now, we wait for the Made In Chelsea LA spin-off, which airs in August. Countdown calendars at the ready, no? 

By Laura Jane Turner


Images: Tumblr