Marc Jacobs’ Insta-Fail Has Been Made Into A T-Shirt

Instagram: @themarcjacobs

Oh, Marc Jacobs. We’re used to seeing rather a lot of the designer thanks to his fondness for stripping off (remember the advert for his perfume, Bang?) but we weren’t quite prepared for the time Marc accidentally sent a saucy selfie to, er, the whole internet when he posted it from his Instagram account. 

Surprisingly, Marc certainly wasn’t ashamed. He said:

“Yeah. I accidentally posted a pic of my bare a** and took it down. I was flirting with someone I met on Instagram…Oops, my mistake. I apologise to anyone it offended. Yeah I’m a gay man. I flirt and chat with guys online sometimes. BIG DEAL!”

And guess what?! Being the salesman that he is, Marc has even just taken the opportunity to create a t-shirt (available in stores now) featuring the slogan captioned underneath that picture – “It’s yours to try!”. Wow, we applaud your bravery Marcy.

> Instagram: @themarcjacobs






Obvs, Marc quickly deleted the snap, just not before the whole world managed to see it. But this got us thinking. We’re constantly plagued by the worry that, in relentlessly documenting our daily lives, we’re bound to post something inappropriate sooner or later. Which is why Gmail’s new function is a thing of genius. 

Yes, that’s right, those computer whizzes at Google have rolled out that extra special ‘undo’ button, after testing it for a number of years with a small pool of users. In your settings, you can now choose the amount of time you have to consider your mail, before it’s reached the point of no return. 

Thank you, Google. 

Whether we’ve been emailing our parents, boss or simply been sending a vengeful message in haste to an ex, we’ve all experienced The Fear as we hit send, only to witness our regretful message venture off into the ether. 

So, in celebration of Google’s stroke of genius, let’s all rejoice in the moments we’ll never have to go through again…

1. Hitting ‘reply all’ instead of just ‘reply’ 


Your blunder is about to hit all of those inboxes, for their viewing pleasure. 

That morning huddle at the coffee machine is about to get a little awkward… 

2. The anger blackout


We’re all guilty of taking our frustrations out on the keyboard.

Now, you can recall that email rant after the anger cloud has lifted. Phew. 

3. Oh Na Na, what’s your name? 


If you get the CEO’s name wrong, or make a big old spelling blunder (is it Jamie, or Jaime?), you will no longer have to wear a brown paper bag on your head at the work Christmas ‘do. 

4. Love from, oops… 


When you end an all-important business email, and sign off with a series of kisses out of habit. Argh. 


5. External vs. internal


The pitfall feeling when you realise you sent that essay, which documents your entire drunken weekend – with a very funny illustration GIF inserted – to that very important client, instead of your pal across the office.

Damn you, automatic contact list. 

6. Typos, typos, everywhere!


When you’re selling something on eBay, and accidently send an email to the buyer confirming £20 instead of £200. 

What a waste of a vintage Chanel scarf. 

7. iPhone spell check fail


When you’re drafting an email on the morning commute, and your smartphone decides it hates you, changing ‘pens’ to something else entirely… 

Don’t make us say it. 

By Hannah Banks-Walker and Laura Jane Turner