7 Emotional Stages Of Ordering At Five Guys

Five Guys has quickly become our go-to destination for a tasty burger indulgence. 

Taking on a cult status around the UK, we’re pretty sure that there’s not that many people left that haven’t sampled the delights of this fast food chain. 

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But there’s also guaranteed to be a number of thoughts and emotions you’ll encounter whilst taking your first walk down that ordering isle.  

1. Um, have I just transported myself to the US of A? 

With its red and white checkerboard design and American Diner-style leather seating, you’ll get flashbacks of Grease and ’50s sports cars at a drive-through. Sigh. 

2. Burgers with a side of… nuts?

Yes. Only at Five Guys do you get presented with a real life sack chock-a-block with monkey nuts. 


3. Decisions, decisions, decisions. 

Honestly. You’ll spend AT LEAST twelve minutes staring up at the menu board trying to decide on what combination of ingredients to top your burger with. 

And, nine times out of ten, you’ll opt for a fully loaded one your first time around.

Because, why not?

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4. WHY did I go for a large?

Your eyes will be bigger than your belly. 

But you’ll learn from experience that you won’t need to go large, because the small one is huge enough, thank you very much. 


5. You’ll eat so many chips… 

…That you’ll actually end up looking like one. 

But that’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.

6. That feeling of utter heartbreak if they forget one of your ingredients. 

We’ve been psyching ourselves up for this all day.



7. Don’t even ask us about the drinks. 

How are we supposed to choose? HOW? 

Let’s just settle with a fizzy pop and a milkshake.