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6 Musical Comebacks Taking Place In 2016

Oh ,doesn’t it just feel like 2003 again? No? Well how about if we you told you that Eve and Gwen Stefani are going on tour, Misteeq are making a comeback, and All Saints just dropped a new album -maybe now you feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine?

Because we’re just mega-excited for all this, we’ve rounded up the 6 most  amazing musical come-backs scheduled (or rumoured) to be taking place in 2016…

Spice Girls

We’re crossing our fingers for this one as Mel B seems pretty keen for the Spice Girls to reform for the 20th anniversary of their hit single Wannabe (feel old yet?). However, reports state that one former Spice Girl is more than a little reluctant to take part – step forward Victoria Beckham, of course. Although we totally get that VB is super-busy running a fashion empire and raising a family, we’re STILL praying that she’ll drop everything to take to the stage later this year. But with the anniversary looming and no word yet, we won’t hold our breath…

Spice Girls gif
We totally wannabe where the Spice Girls are this summer…


All Saints

Er, Pure Shores came out 16 YEARS ago, people. And it seems ten years plus is the *perfect* amount of time for fans to pine for their old favourites, and for the ice to thaw between old bandmates. And speaking of, would you believe that All Saints are officially bezzas again?! In fact, their album Red Flag actually came out on April 8th, in case you missed it, and the gals are touring the UK until October.

All Saints gif
All Saints are now on their fourth album



Busted split in 2004 (seeing a pattern yet?!), and a nation of young women practically declared a period of national mourning. But when reunion show tickets went on sale in November 2015, the the boys shifted 100,000 in under an hour, leading them to add a string of new dates for summer 2016 due to ‘phenomenal demand’. And we already know this is gonna be totally amazing.

Busted gif
We can’t believe Busted’s reunion success already


Liberty X

We’re definitely not the only ones who are Just A Little Bit excited for this, surely? As fans of the group will know, former Liberty X bandmember Kevin Simm has just been crowned the 2016 winner of BBC talent show, The Voice, and rumour has it that the rest of the band are planning to capitalise on his recent success and get him back in the studio with them now. The group split in 2007 and have their first comeback gig lined up at Birmingham Pride festival on May 28, already. Oh, and Michelle Heaton’s also said they’ll all be penning some new tracks as well, so we can expect exciting stuff from the group soon.

Liberty X performing
Liberty X had more than one banger, didn’t they?


Eve and Gwen

Remember when these two ‘blew our minds’ an unbelieveable 15 years ago? Well news has just reached us that Eve and Gwen are set to reprise their role as the baddest ska-hip-hop duo around, with plans to go on tour in the States from July 2016. That catchy guitar rift is stuck in our heads already…

Eve Gwen Stefani
This music vid was everything back in 2001 (and still is today, tbh)



Scandalous, One Night Stand, All I Want – need we go on? Misteeq gave us quite a few noughties pop-garage bangers, and if recent reports are to be believed, there’s a possibility that the trio might be creating a few more hits (or at least taking to the stage again). The Sun says the group are in talks to pick things up again as soon as Alesha finishes up on Britain’s Got Talent, and Su-Elise flies back from Australia, where she now lives. We *need* to see Alesha rapping again, if nothing else…


By Georgina Lawton