50 Shades Of Grey Film: First Official Cast Photo!

50 Shades of Grey’s two lead film stars have got their pose on for their very first joint shoot, leaving us OFFICIALLY excited for the silver screen steaminess to come.

On the brand new cover of US magazine Entertainment Weekly, handsome Irishman Jamie Dornan and actress Dakota Johnson are seen sidling up against each other in a passionate clinch as they embrace their exciting new roles.

31-year-old Jamie, who was chosen as Charlie Hunmam’s replacement to play Christian Grey, is suitably suited and booted in preparation for his sexy CEO role, while Texas-born Dakota (and her newly-dyed brunette locks) pulls off a classic Ana lip-bite to perfection.

The filming of E.L. James’ bestselling erotic novel is due to start any day now, but we’ll have to wait unti August 2014 before we can see these two in action.

Agh. We’re not sure we can hold on that long!

By Robyn Munson

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