This 50 Shades Parody Will *Really* Make You LOL

What do you get when you cross Fifty Shades Of Grey and the IT Crowd? 

It’s a question we never, ever, thought we’d ask. But it’s one that we’re thrilled to have answered. 

Because what’s about to come next will have you falling off of your chairs with laughter. At least, that’s the effect it had on us. 

The source of our side-splitting state is down to a hilarious new parody account, 50 Nerds Of Grey.

Featuring an avatar of our favourite TV geek Moss from the IT Crowd, the Twitter account uses scenarios and quotes from the much-loved naughty novel and spins them into something very different.

The best part? We can totally imagine Moss and Roy recounting these (not so) sexy enounters the next day.  

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You really do need to get following, as it’s already amassed over 35,000 followers in just six days. But we’ve picked out some of our favourites for you. 

1. Science class was always sexy. 

2. The true meaning of BDSM. Obvs. 



3. Kim Kardashian, eat your heart out. 


4. There’s only one use for leather, really… 



5. Do you think they’re watching Lord Of The Rings? 



6. Maths


7. IT support problems. 

8. Who doesn’t love a bad boy?


9. Why would you tease him like that? 



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By Laura Jane Turner