5 Things You Need To Know About Blockbuster In The Heart Of The Sea

It’s boasting an Oscar Winning director..

DaVinci Code director Ron Howard has done it again with this extravagant adventure on the high seas. Expect wonders and drama from this actor turned director, as he takes on the story that inspired Moby Dick

An incredible cast are lined up..

Ready and waiting at the helm are Chris Hemworth, Michelle Fairly, Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy and Benjamin Walker. Get ready to be whisked away by some truly stunning acting this Christmas.

The effects are out of this world..

Only an incredible CGI team could create something this spectacular, so expect plenty of awards to be handed out come Oscar season. You’ll feel like that giant whale is in the room with you, and on that note…

Oh hello Chris, we’ve missed you…


Sperm whales really can destroy ships

Someone must have really angered this whale for it to seek such revenge. Watch as the enraged animal goes up against whaler Owen Chase, played by Chris Hemsworth in a fight to the death.

It’s great for your inner history buff.. and action junkie

Set in 1820’s Essex, In The Heart Of The Sea is a winner for anyone who enjoys a good bite of British history. In addition, the frequent and thrilling action scenes will open the flick up to a whole range of cinema enthusiasts.