5 Things To Know About Bella Thorne

She’s the gorgeous star of new high-school comedy The DUFF (which is out today) but can you believe that Bella Thorne once struggled to fit in? Us neither! Here’s more we learned about the 17-year-old actress when we caught up with her for a chat…

1, She’s fluent in Spanish (and was bullied for it)

“My first language is Spanish, and all the kids called me weird because I didn’t speak like everybody else.”

2, Christian Bale is a fan

“[He] said he loved me, and told me he and his daughter are both huge fans of mine. To think somebody who’s so talented and who I’ve grown up watching thinks I’m cool. It made my life.”

3, Parties? Nah, she prefers a quiet life

“I don’t want to party. I work so much that when I’m home, I just want to sit in my bed, eat chocolate and watch NetFlix. I just hang out with my mum in my hotel room when I’m done with work.”

4, Brooklyn Beckham should give her a call

“I’m definitely single. Brooklyn Beckham is very cool… but I’m pretty sure he’s seeing someone!”

5, She’s all about girl power

“I loved the message [of The DUFF], it’s a real girl empowerment film. It’s about girls being independent and that’s what I like.

The DUFF is out today.

Interview by Gemma Calvert