5 Reasons You Need To Watch Fathers And Daughters

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Fathers and Daughters is a tear-jerking tale of a writer (played by Russell Crowe) who struggles to raise his young daughter,Katie, after suffering a breakdown. The story moves back and forth to 27-years later as his daughter – played by Amanda Seyfried – is all grown up and battling issues of her own. Don’t forget tissues!

It Will Break Your Heart (And Mend It Back Together)

Loved ‘The Pursuit Of Happyness’? Then you have to check out Fathers and Daughters. Sure it will leave you in buckets after, but it’s totally life affirming. And will definitely have you hugging a family member after viewing.

Amanda Seyfried Brings Her A Game

The 29-year old actress is incredible playing the older Katie in this movie, who as a result of her past has become desensitized in her relationships. The stunning star shows off her acting chops in a grittier role than we’re used to seeing her in. Her most compelling performance to date. A must-see.

> Aaron Paul is nothing like his Breaking Bad character


Family Matters

Yes there’s romance. Yes there’s drama. But at the heart of the story it’s about a father’s relationship with his daughter, and how these relationships affect you in your adult life.

The Rising Star

11-year old Kylie Rogers steals the show playing Russell Crowe’s young daughter. She’s next up in the highly anticipated drama Miracle’s from Heaven spring next year. The new Chloe Moretz? Most definitely.

> The newcomer: Kylie Rogers plays 8-year old Katie in the film


Aaron Paul Is In It

Need we say more?! Although far from his edgy ‘Breaking Bad’ character, he plays a romantic writer trying to find his place in the world. And Amanda Seyfried gets to kiss him. Jealous, us?

By Emma Firth

In Cinemas Friday 13th November