5 Reasons You Must Watch Raised By Wolves

 It shows characters you’ve never seen before: Based on Caitlin and her sister Caz’s experiences of growing up in a council house in Wolverhampton, there are, of course, mini-versions of the sisters: Germaine, who like Caitlin, is all big hair and big confessions and Aretha who’s a shy, redhead with a quick witted tongue. Then there’s Grampy, the pint-slurping granddad with a chequered history, and totally rockin’ mum, Della. And that’s just the beginning of the wild and wonderful characters that pop up. As Caitlin said when we caught up with her, “when we began writing we thought ‘who haven’t we seen on a show’? And tried to create them,” she revealed. “So every single person in the show is totally amazingly different.”

It’ll cheer you up: TV these days seems to leave you sobbing, shaking and unable to go to sleep that night (remember Game Of Thrones’ Red Wedding? We’re still traumatised.) And while we enjoy a good cry on our sofa, sometimes we just want to smile. Raised By Wolves does just that. In the first episode alone, Germaine gets her hand stuck in a letter box, Gramps transforms into Mr Loverman and there’s a seductive horse (funnier than it sounds…) All of which left us crying with laughter, rather than shock. “I’m fed up of seeing women die!” says Caitlin. “Whatever happened to smiling? I want everyone to leave each episode feeling good about themselves.”

The women actually like themselves. Yes, Germaine and Aretha are teenagers. And yes, that’s a really awkward time where every day is a battle of mortifying moment after mortifying moment. But what’s so brilliant about Raised By Wolves is that the girls actually like who they are and do nothing to be anything different. Germaine is a horny, big petticoat wearing extrovert while Aretha hates attention, loves reading Chomsky and has a brilliant collection of large cardigans. Germaine, especially keeps her confidence levels high at all times, even stating that her crush is into her despite him frequently teasing her and calling her a “pikey on a bikey.” As Caitlin says, “they all think they’re brilliant, therefore they are.” Excellent life lesson, right there.

The mum is seriously awesome: Della (played by Rebekah Stanton) is a leather jacket, combat-wearing bad-ass of a mum who dishes out very important life advice such as, “if I hadn’t vomited my guts up on cheap cider night after night and been kneed in the tit by an underage goth I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.” Pretty much the opposite of every mum you see on TV, ever. And that was exactly the aim. “Telly mums are always such misery clouds,” Caitlin told us. “They never get to be heroes. Della isn’t like that: she’s always delivering these incredible life lessons that on the surface seem like terrible advice but make so much sense. Part of the character is actually based on Clint Eastwood, so imagine a single mum Clint Eastwood and you’re close.”

There are laughs aplenty: Would you expect anything less from the woman who has never pulled a straight face in a photograph? Her outrageous confessions in How To Be A Woman were still making us laugh months after reading, and this is no different. “I’ve never found a taboo that I didn’t want to expose,” she says. “I refuse to believe that anything is weird. So I’m trying to make everything funny, by sharing my embarrassing experiences with the world.” And there are plenty of these in Raised By Wolves. So, what are you waiting for? Go series link Raised By Wolves NOW.

Raised By Wolves airs Monday 16th March at 10pm on Channel 4.