5 Reasons Why You Need A LOOK Subscription

With the John Lewis advert being released the countdown to Christmas is officially on which has got us thinking in the LOOK office about Christmas presents! A great gift idea is a subscription to LOOK which starts from just £13.99, but if that doesn’t convince you here are 5 reasons why you need a LOOK subscription.

1. A year’s subscription to LOOK works out at just £1.10 an issue, saving you 70p a week. This might not sound like much but over a year that’s over £35 or enough to buy a Clinique Softer Smoother Skin set.

2. Every subscription comes with a free digital edition trial so you can also enjoy each issue of LOOK on that new tablet Father Christmas brings you!

3. Each issue of LOOK is packed with the latest high street buys and fashion discounts so you’ll always be up-to date with the hottest trends.

4. By subscribing you’ll get every issue delivered straight to your door, meaning you’ll never miss an issue and venturing out in the cold and rain to get the new copy will be a thing of the past.

5. A subscription to LOOK is a fool proof gift which even your Grandma can’t get wrong. No dodgy Christmas jumpers for you this year!

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By Elizabeth Pether