What Did The USA Ever Do For Us?


The 4th Of July. If we can’t have a huge celebration ourselves we can, at least, celebrate all the things America brought us…



Britney Spears

It’s Britney b*tch… And oh how we love her. Without Britters we probably would have escaped at least three of those detentions for violating uniform codes (hey, it looked cute). But that doesn’t matter, as with every. single. hit. she brought us happiness that cannot be measured. And that’s just the songs, while her personal life has been, what can only be described as, ‘rocky’, never have we stuck behind somewhere more through their rollercoaster life. Keep being you, Britney, keep being you. 


Lucky Charms

American breakfasts are just, well, better than ours. While we had to sadly slurp Ready Brek into our mouths, kids across the ponds were happily shoveling pancakes smothered with bacon and syrup, and the most magical breakfast cereal known to man: Lucky Charms. So when it came across here, we could only rejoice (and beg our parents to get us a box). Now we’re fully grown ass women we can buy our own and with every mouthful we become happier.



ALL The Hot Men

OK, so our fellas ain’t too bad (hello Becks) but there’s nothing quite like an all American man. Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron… The list is as tall as the Empire State Building, and like our lust, it only keeps growing…

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Mickey Mouse

… and Minnie, let’s never forget Minnie. Actually pretty much all Disney. Our childhood favourites are now the staple of lazy Sundays and without America’s talent for animation life would be a lot less colourful.

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October 3rd

AKA Mean Girls Day. Tina Fey oh what you have brought to us: not one day goes by without us quoting this sheer genius movie. All together now: STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN.


The SuperBowl Performance

Who knew we could get so excited about a sport we know nothing about? But with the likes of Beyonce delivering the performance we’re still perfecting in our bedrooms, to Katy Perry entering in on a giant gilded lion (where can we get us one of those?) we look forward to those 15-minutes more and more each year… Taylor Swift for 2015 please..


The Kardashians

Scott’s comebacks, Khloe’s wisdom, Kris being ‘a cool mum’, Kourtney’s awesome mothering, watching Kendall and Kylie grow into women we all want to be, Caitlyn inspiring the world… Each family member brings their own uniqueness to the table. But it would be nothing without Kim. Life would be a whole lot more dull without Kim. Granted the internet would remain working at all times, but no one would know how to take a decent selfie, the booty wouldn’t be back and the ugly cry meme wouldn’t exist. >

The Green Smoothie

Los Angeles, America. Where all the weird food trends begin. We’re not sure whether to thank them, or tell them to shove off when another kale-infused cauliflower goji berry hybrid superfood arrives here, but they certainly give us something to experiment with… and then go back to fish and chips a week later.


Ben and Jerry’s

Can you imagine being heartbroken without it? It would be like, thirty times, worse. A tub of cookie dough + a cheesy movie + crying on your best mate’s shoulder = the best remedy ever.


Diet Coke

4pm. Grab that silver and red can out the fridge. Hear that satisfying fiizzzzzz. Feel ready for everything. Repeat. Always.



Benefit Cosmetics

Bad Gal eyeliner. Benetint. Boing. Benefit deliver us brilliant products, in fun packaging, that we just really like. Our eyes wouldn’t pop nearly as much without them.


These are just some of ours… There’s TOO MANY TO LIST! What are yours?