26 Reasons We’re Glad It’s Raining (Yes, Really!)

Rain? Rain is our friend. We’re used to it, we know how to handle it, we know what to wear in it. Read our 26 reasons why you rejoice that the sun is gone (we know, we found 26, mental).


  1. You can now spend the whole weekend watching all four and a half seasons of Breaking Bad back to back, just to see what all the fuss is about.
  2. That onesie can go right back on.
  3. A cosy bottle of red in the pub instead of perching on a wall in the rammed beer-garden, drinking warm rose out of a plastic cup.
  4. There’s less chance of getting run over by a ‘fair-weather’ cyclist.
  5. Trousers. You can finally put them back on and not shave your legs for at least three days. The joy!
  6. As well as not shaving, that fake tan can go patching and dry now too. 
  7. Soup for lunch and not another boring, old salad.
  8. You’re probably not going to waste that house-deposit on Pimms anymore.
  9. Roasts. Gravy. Yorkshire puds. Need we say more?
  10.  Walking in the rain makes you feel so BRITISH…hurrah to that.
  11.  No need to wash the car anymore.
  12.  No need to go on that run anymore.
  13.  Finally, you can break in those festival-wellies you bought back in May.
  14.  That feeling you have when you wake up, all snuggled in bed, and it’s raining outside.
  15.  You can have the “Is it raining? I hadn’t noticed,” Four Weddings and a Funeral moment when on a date.
  16.  You can pretend you’re six again and jump in puddles. Whooooop.
  17.  There’s no excuse but to snuggle up with your boyfriend under a brolly.
  18.  No need to spend an hour watering your garden (or your mum’s when you go home for a relaxing weekend).
  19.  Hour-long baths.
  20.  Suddenly sitting in a warm dry office doesn’t seem quite as depressing.
  21.  Rainbows.
  22.  You can feel very smug about not booking those festival tickets.
  23.  Wasps don’t come out in the rain. Rejoice!
  24. It’s the only weather in which Mr Bingley is likely to turn up and surprise you by saying “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” Swoon.
  25.  People aren’t walking around with their junk hanging out anymore.
  26.  So long, scabby sandal feet.