Meet The Guy That Spent £20,000 On Surgery To Look Like David Beckham

Jack Johnson was a guest on This Morning today, and he sparked *quite* the reaction on social media...

This Morning had a pretty big David Beckham fan onto the sofa today.

He’s such a big fan, in fact, that he’s spent the best part of £20,000 on surgery in an attempt to look like his idol. Yes, really.

Jack Johnson, 19, has had cosmetic procedures which include Botox injections and lip fillers, in a bid to emulate the football legend.


Speaking to presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Jack explained: ‘Obviously I don’t look like Beckham I’m not that stupid but I’ve got a long way to go to look like him.’

UNICEF Ball honoring David Beckham, Los Angeles, America - 12 Jan 2016

Sadly, the teen guest opened up about being bullied when he was younger, explaining that he believed that this might be where his desire to change his appearance stems from.

He told viewers, ‘Before I got bulled I was me inside, when all that happened I lost myself inside.

‘It’s all right covering it up with make up but it didn’t make me feel better.’


Naturally, the ITV hosts showed concern for him, with Holly saying, ‘Maybe you should just work on you and love what you are now…’

Schofe agreed, continuing: ‘My concern is that you’ve set yourself such a massive goal way, way off in the distance and you’re never going to get to that level of happiness until you love yourself.’

Viewers also flooded the internet, with many sharing concerned words for the 19-year-old.

One wrote: ‘One wonders, should he achieve his “goal”, will he then be happy. I doubt it very much.’

Tweets also included:


Jack also hinted that he wants to be famous, explaining that he ‘always felt different’, and that he loves Beckham’s ‘lifestyle’.

Regardless of his extreme makeover, we hope that Jack finds himself and some happiness.