17 Signs That Your Friendship Squad Is For Life

1) You’re addicted to your WhatsApp group

You spend 85% of your working day sending each other changing room selfies, screenshots of arguments with your boyfriends and LOLz memes.


2) You like to colour co-ordinate on a night out

It adds so much to selfies.


3) And you match your Halloween costumes

You’re probably thinking about being the Kardashians or the Spice Girls this year.


4) You’ll never judge them

Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones had this one down.


5) You always having each other’s backs (even when you know they’re wrong)

You’ll support them in any argument.


6) You’ll give up everything to be with them when they need you

Sorry, boyfriend. You’ll have to wait.


7) You make a real effort to be with them

You can’t even remember how many times you suffered 5-hour trips on the Megabus while you were at uni in opposite ends of the country.


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8) You keep their secrets

That time in Kavos in 2008? NEVER HAPPENED.


9) You also entrust them with yours

Their lips are definitely sealed.


10) No topic is off-limits

You probably know more about their body parts than you do about your own.


11) You’ll stick with them through the good and bad times

Every squad has their arguments, but you know any fallings out are only temporary.


12) Strict girl code applies

You’ll never leave them alone on a night out, you’ll never steal their thunder and you’ll absolutely never, EVER go out with their ex.


13) You look after them when they drink too much

And you take turns to be designated driver.


14) You always make them feel good about themselves

You all want to be the first to tell them how amazing they look/how clever they are/how proud you are of them.

But you’re also totally honest. Have they got something stuck in their teeth? They need to know stat.


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The two most exciting words in the dictionary.


16) You never let them drink and dial

They’ll only regret it in the morning.


17) Basically, you just have loads of fun together

What else are friends for?