16 Important Life Lessons We Learnt From The Minions

We’re completely obsessed with the minions and all of their fun and quirky ways. Ever since they burst onto our screens in the Despicable Me films – and, let’s be honest, they completely stole that show – they’ve gained a cult-like following.

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And there’s some pretty important life lessons we’ve picked up along the way…

1. Bananas are God


Don’t marry a man unless he looks at you the way a Minion looks at a banana. This is possibly our favourite life quote ever. 

2. You should always treat others the way you would like to be treated

Oh, karma.

3. It’s all about the bad boys



Because every so often, they turn out to have a heart of gold. 

Disclaimer: sometimes they definitely don’t. Soz. 

4. Every family has that one odd cousin


5. But they’ll always come out of their shell eventually


6. Magic shows are the best at any age

Adrenaline junkies only. 

7. Teepeeing is the thing dreams are made of

It’s not just for Uni dorm rooms, guys. 

8. When you’re older, you realise that office work isn’t always all that fun

Can we go back to school please?

9. But you can always find ways to amuse yourself

There are much better uses for the copy machine.

10. Just be careful the door is locked


11. It’s always an appropriate time to bust out the YMCA moves 

And don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise. You just don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

12. There’s never a bad time to burst into a boy band ballad


13. Or to partake in a synchronised dance move 

Backstreet Boys, eat your heart out. 

14. It takes seven people to change a lightbulb

One of lifes biggest mysteries, solved. 

15. And even that isn’t foolproof


16. McDonald’s translates across all languages

Ours is 20 McNuggets and a banana milkshake, thanks. 

By Laura Jane Turner