15 Reasons Why PJ & Duncan Deserve To Be Number One

Ant and Dec are on course to nail their first EVER number one with their 1994 hit ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble’, after performing the song’s dance routine for a sketch on their Saturday Night Takeaway show at the weekend. The boys, ahem, sorry ‘men’, have been “bewildered” with the response to their routine – so much so that they’ve announced they’ll donate all the royalties to ChildLine – bless ’em!

Speaking on Radio 2 this morning, Dec said: “At the end of the show we do a bit of a performance, we were looking for one this week and we were talking about The Big Reunion and how we’re big fans.

“The producers said we should get them on and do PJ & Duncan at the end of it. We were never thinking it would lead to anything or anyone would buy the record or anything. The last few days have been bewildering.”

Here at LOOK, we’re in no way surprised that the lads are now enjoying a second round of success, as we’ve always been huge PJ & Duncan fans. So here’s why WE think they deserve the top spot…

1. If this gets to number one maybe Byker will start up again and we can eat Stottie’s and drink Newkie Brown to celebrate, I’d like that. Duncan can fall in love with Cheryl Tweedy, PJ would get his sight back and Alan Sheerer would be the person to make that miracle happen. There could even be a cameo from Robson Green. IMAGINE! – Lydia Southern, news editor

2. If this gets to number one, maybe pagers will come back into fashion. IMAGINE! I miss mine and receiving pages in Chemistry class – Lydia Southern, news editor

3. Because no-one is more surprised than them! – Juila Brooks, senior news and features writer

4. Because they love having a steam room together at Dec’s pad. In fact, they recently confessed to getting Holly Willoughby in there with them and getting LOCKED INSIDE. Smooth movers, boys – Gemma Calvert, entertainment editor

5. Because of the effort they put into their performance on Saturday Night Takeaway last weekend – the poor mites were out of breath midway through the song. They’re not as young as they once were! – Alison Perry, multi channel editor

6. They’ve never had a number one! Last time, Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble only got to number 9 – Alison Perry, multi channel editor

7. I’m still upset about PJ being blinded in a paintball accident on Byker Grove. This would help to heal that pain – Alison Perry, multi channel editor

8. They should definitely be number one… everyone needs to be reminded that they were great pop stars! Remember great songs like Our Radio Rocks, Eternal Love and Stepping Stone? With it’s great comedy video? NO? Well get on YouTube and see what you’re missing! – Devinder Bains, features editor

9. Because Dec will read this, come to the next LOOK Show as a mark of gratitude, be wowed by my wit, propose to me and then we’ll have little Dec babies. So THAT’S why – Susie Verrill, online and social media assistant

10. Because they nailed that Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble routine nearly 10 years on – Claire Hearn, deputy chief sub editor

11. They deserve it for their all-round lushness and because everyone loves a dance routine, right? – Laura Crisp, acting chief sub editor

12. They’re donating all their royalties to ChildLine! So now you HAVE to buy it – Rebecca Martin, online news writer

13. Because we all fancied Duncan in Byker Grove. Admit it – Sophie Davis, production editor

14. It will make us all feel like teenagers again…aah, nostalgia! – Erica Davies, acting senior fashion & beauty editor 

15. Because they’re fellow Geordies. Enough said – Gemma Gow, fashion news writer

Let us know if you’ve downloaded it, and why you think they deserve the top spot in the comments box below, or tweet us @Lookmagazine RM