14 Things Most Girls Think While Working Out At The Gym

Well done. You’ve made it to the gym, you’ve got a work out plan and you are definitely improving your fitness. Hurray! So why is it still so damn hard? Here’s everything we’re thinking when we hit the gym in the morning….

1. “I’ve definitely done 10 minutes on here, the timer is lying.”

2. “This cannot be just the warm-up!”

3. “I’m on level 2 and they’re on level 10. So why am I sweating more than them?”

No one enjoys this No one enjoys this



4. “I wonder if I’ve burned off that Dairy Milk I had last night?”

5. “Why did that super fit girl get on the machine next to me?”

6. “Did I put deodorant on? I think so. I’m not sure. Oh god, do I smell?”

7. “Is anyone in here actually enjoying this?”


9. “How are those girls running and talking?!”

Rowing sucks Rowing sucks



10. “Hopefully everyone thinks I’m just sitting here doing stretches, not just resting. Which is actually what I’m doing, of course.”

11. “What shall I eat for dinner?” 

12. “Surely no one needs to grunt that loudly when they’re lifting weights?”

13. “I’ve been on a boat, this is not rowing.”

14. “When can I leave without everyone judging me?” 

By Giselle Wainwright