13 Ways Mean Girls Would Be Different In 2016

When Mean Girls hit our screens in 2004, the film became a defining pillar of noughties girl-culture, with some seriously quotable phrases that have stood the test of time, and become pop culture scripture for anyone under the age of 30.

And in case you’ve been living under a rock, we’re here to tell you that a musical-theatre Mean Girls is coming to a stage near you in the next few years (kalteen bars at the ready, people).

But the film’s creator Tina Fey – who also starred as ‘pusher’ Miss Norbury – has recently said the script needs some serious updating before it can be made into a decent play.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fey said: ‘The thing about social media is that it doesn’t dramatise well, but it’s been an ongoing question.

‘Do you take out things that are now outdated? Like three-way calling is not a thing.’

We remember watching that mega-bitchy phone scene and thinking how amazingly futuristic (and practical) it would be to talk to THREE mates all at once.

But then group chat on Whatsapp became a thing, and having it out with your best-mate in a convo IRL was replaced with throwing shade through emjois.

We can’t believe the film is TWELVE years old, but it kind of got us thinking; how else has Mean Girls become outdated?

Here’s 13 ways things would be different if Mean Girls was made in 2016…

1. There would be no burn book

Obvs, that would be replaced by an anonymously-run Instagram account or Tumblr that would publish bitchy secrets under Photo-shopped pics with really mean emoji-filled captions – and it would go viral really quick.



2. Cady Heron wouldn’t be seen in army pants and flip-flops

Like would anyone? Crop tops and chokers all day.



3. Gretchen Weiner would not be rich ‘cos her Dad invented Toaster Strudel

Try Pinterest or Spotify or some brand of kale chips.



4. ‘Grool’ would not be spoken into existence

No self-respecting millennial ever says ’great’ or ‘cool’ out-loud unless they’re trying to get their parents to understand them. Today the possibility of the word ‘flick’ taking off is *far * more likely – that’s an amalgamation of ‘fleek’ and ‘sick’ btw.



5. No-one would be jel of Regina for owning two Fendi purses

Today we worship at the alter of Mulberry.


6. Gretchen Weiners would not be the only one with big, secret-filled hair

Poker straight locks are soooo 2007. A modern-day Mean Girls would feature tousled waves, back-combed beehives, and natural curls on every girl in school. Oh, and those bows would be burned.


7. Jingle Bell Rock would not be filmed with a camcorder

Recording would take place with an iPhone and subsequently be made into a Vine.


8. Janis and Damien wouldn’t find out about Cady attending the party in the street

That stuff would be all up on Snapchat before you could say ‘awesome shooters’.



9. Regina wouldn’t be detoxing on cranberry juice to lose three pounds

She’d be juicing or cutting carbs.



10. No-one would get Kevin G’s rap

‘I don’t play it like Shaggy – you’ll know it was me’ will be totally lost on the youth of today, so it would have to be replaced with a reference to Hotline Bling or something.



11. Damian wouldn’t sing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera…

…he’d be OBSESSED with Glee, obvs.



12. Regina’s sister Kylie wouldn’t be dancing to Kelis

She’d be twerking to Anaconda.



13. Miss Norbury’s personal development workshop wouldn’t exist

Instead the girls would be taken out of class to get tips on how to combat cyber bullying, sexting and online slut-shaming. Welcome to 2016, people.


By Georgina Lawton