13 Things You Know If You’re The Last Single In The Group

We ALL love our girl squad of best friends, right? But what happens when you’re one of the last single ones left…?

1. The Bridget Jones comparisons AREN’T COOL, guys


Just because I’m single, it doesn’t mean I’m sad about it. 



No, I don’t want you to introduce me to your boyfriend’s cousin’s friend. 

Please stop pimping me out, kthanksbye. 

3. Frustration Fridays might as well be a national holiday


All I want to do is go out and dance. All you want to do is sit at home and work on that couple-shaped dent in your sofa. 

I guess I’ll make my way though another chocolate bar and series four of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, then. 

4. The quiet satisfaction when listening to you complain about him (sorry)… 


Yup. Knew there was a reason I didn’t want one of those boyfriend things. 

5. Tinder has become just as much a part of my routine as Facebook


Even though I checked it a few minutes ago, and I’ve got NO interest in seeing one more shirtless selfie EVER again in my life (ick), I’ll auto click that little flame icon again just for another mindless swipe. 

Left. Left. Left. 

6. Group holidays become political


Are boyfriends invited? Who’s sharing which room? Is it acceptable to use a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign (if you catch the drift)? 

I don’t really care, just pass me a cocktail. 

7. Wedding invitations bring all the dread


Not that I’m not super pleased for you and all, but if I don’t find a date I’m not going… 

8. Since when did the Buy One Get On Free offer extend to friends? 


If I ask you out for lunch or a coffee, please don’t bring the boy along. 

I don’t mind, but I’m pretty sure he won’t want to hear about my particularly heavy period or my latest dating disaster. 

9. Don’t ask me why I’m still single


It can be a choice, you know. 

This is 2016… 

10. The family interventions aren’t fun


Mum, I completely agree that Karen’s boyfriend is lovely. Dad, I know you want grandkids one day. 

But I can’t magic prince charming out of thin air. 

11. Girls’ nights out are exactly that


There’s nobody hitting up my phone every few minutes to check where I am and if I’m okay. 

12. The single friend is the go-to for advice. So, heyyyy…


Getting the single perspective on our friend’s boyfriend drama not only means that we learn what we don’t want from a relationship, but it also means that the best friend protective streak grows. 

So watch out, guys. 

13. After the 23rd NIGHTMARE date of the month, singl
e life can get a little draining… 


As much as it might seem like it; this isn’t a soap opera, this is my ACTUAL life. 

So LOL with caution…