12 Gifts We Think The Royal Baby Will Receive

Kate Middleton and Prince William need to move those Bentleys and clear some space in the garage pronto as we’re pretty sure the new parents will be laden with lavish gifts from friends, fans and the royal family before they’ve even made their way home from St. Mary’s (any moment now)! And we’ve often pondered what the Windsors buy each other for their birthdays – a new pony, a private plane or maybe just some socks?

With Kate and Wills’ son finally here, there’s no better time to predict what this little bundle of joy will receive from his relatives in due course. Our royal baby crystal ball has been consulted and this is what we’d love to see him receive…

1. Prince Harry – We’re betting money on Uncle H offering his nephew a lifetime membership to pal Guy Pelly‘s exclusive Mayfair nightclub Whisky Mist on his 18th. Harry and our latest royal could hit up a bad-taste fancy dress party, guzzle down some age-old scotch and streak home.

2. Pippa Middleton – Baby Windsor can prepare for Come Dine With Me: The Royal Special (oh, how we wish for this) with Auntie Pippa’s foolproof cookery and party planning bible, Celebrate – A Year Of British Festivities For Family And Friends. He’s going to be the envy of all his friends when it comes to fashioning a swan out of a napkin, a skill every boy just has to have.

3. The Queen – Great grandson’s first pet, sorted – a royal-bred corgi. We hope he calls it Barry.

4. Zara Phillips – Pregnant royal Zara can offer up one of the more laddy presents on the list – a box at Twickenham to watch her hubby Mike Tindall play rugby for England.

5. Carole Middleton – Grandma (or should we say Glam-ma) Carole can rustle up a goodie bag from the Middleton-family business, Party Pieces. Lego, bubbles, maybe even an old piece of cake…

6. Prince Philip – Where do we start. We’re predicting he’ll try and pass a few of his famous ‘jokes’ down to his great grandson via the medium of a short anecdote. “There was this one time when I was on a state visit to China…” All we can suggest is that Kate insists on reading the bedtime stories herself…

7. Princess Beatrice – The royal baby’s christening hat is probably in the post as we speak and it’s even more probable that this hat is the jazziest headgear you’ve ever seen.

8. Camilla – A slightly more unique gift coming from leftfield from Camilla, but we’re going for a vial of bee venom. It is rumoured to be her beauty secret, don’t you know?

9. James Middleton – If Uncle James has been reading our suggestions of future wives for Kate and Wills’ baby boy, maybe he wants to add girlfriend Donna Air‘s daughter Freya’s phone number in to the mix.

10. Michael Middleton – Ex-flight dispatcher for British Airways, Grandad Michael’s got a serious love for the skies so we’re putting a buck on flying lessons. You know, for when his grandson gets his own light aircraft at 21.

11. Prince Charles – Grandad loves polo, Dad loves polo, Uncle Harry loves polo, therefore this royal will play polo. Charles will probably opt for a fancy gaming mallet made with a couple of the Queen’s jewels for embellishment. Oooh, fancy.

12. Princess Anne – Finally, a little trip up north is in order for Princess Anne’s present. She’s partial to a lighthouse and wants to visit all 215 in bonnie Scotland before she dies (seriously).

We know which ones we’d be keeping the gift receipt for…

By Claire Blackmore

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