11 Times Britney’s Face Told It Exactly Like It Is

Most of us have grown up with Britney in the spotlight. With the highs, the lows, the heartbreak and the drama, we’ve all come out of the other side.

That’s why nobody can sum up our journey quite like Britney. And those facial expressions…

1. When your newly single BFF asks you if she looks hot in her new outfit… 


And you just know that her ex-boyfriend is going to be ogling her all night.

Well, what are friends for, eh?

2. The feeling of a fresh new haircut just as you leave the salon


Your pavement is our runway, right Brit?

3. Listening to the 103rd lecture from mum before a night out as a teenager


Yes, I’ll take a coat. No, Naomi won’t be bringing her older cousin and all of his University friends. Yes, I’ll be home by 10pm.


4. When your parents sat you down for THE TALK


Oh, cringe. 

5. When the milk is most definitely off


One day we’ll learn. 

6. When your friends want Chinese and you know that the only way to go is Nando’s 


You just don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, girl.

7. That hot-from-the-spray-tan feeling


You are a bronzed goddess. Just like Britney. 

8. You’re just going about your day, and you remember that LOL story from last night


Hopefully it doesn’t come rushing back to you in the middle of that all-important meeting. 

9. When you’re on your way to Disneyland


Because, honestly, it doesn’t matter how old you are now, this will forever be the only appropriate reaction. 

10. When you’ve reached your quota on terrible Tinder dates



Stop talking. 

11. Pretending you don’t know that there’s a camera pointing right at you


It’s the background photo trick. And you rule it.