10 Thoughts Everyone Has After Finishing University

1. You’ve just finished your dissertation and feeling like a BOSS.


This is the LIFE #freedom

2. YAY FREEDOM!!!!! Turns into, yay…freedom.


You have watched everything you wanted to on Netflix…so what to do now?

3. For the 289th time; NO, I don’t have a life plan.


… So, PLEASE, just stop asking.

4. OK…. Maybe I should at least make one decision.


To move home or to not move home?


5. Moving out of your uni flat and praying to the flat gods that you get your deposit back.


(Kinda forgot that it wasn’t my forever home – oops!)

6. Council tax? Income tax? Poll Tax?


What IS all this?!

7. WOW there really aren’t many jobs out there. Probably should have interned more…


Instead of Netflix and chill (the real meaning, guys!)

8. Hold up. Are you telling me that REAL adults with jobs don’t have mid-day naps in bed?



9. Student discount was everything.


They say you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone… 

(Maybe it is time to start couponing.)

10. This may be the last long summer


…Better make the most of it.

Or become a teacher.