10 ‘Kate Middleton’s In Labour’ False Alarms That Made Our Heart Skip A Beat

Hands up who’s been waiting all week for HRH baby to arrive? Yup, us too. It’s as if we’ve been having our own Braxton Hicks while reading Twitter, the news, hearing whispers in the loo. Seriously! Sweaty palms all over the shop. Here are just a few of the moments we were on the brink of excited panic…

1. July 11th: Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts and Lily Cooper tweet: “Hearing that Kate’s gone into labour…” Clearly whoever they heard that from was telling porkie-pies! Thanks for that.

2. July 11th: Kate and Wills’ number one fan arrives at the Lindo Wing and sets up a camp with the world’s media. Have they had some sort of telepathic message that she’s having contractions? Nope, they’re just getting the best spot.

3. July 11th: “I was at St. Mary’s with Kate Middleton!” a woman told E! News. What? What? WHAT! “I was told it was a check-up,” she added. Oh.

4. July 13th: It’s the unofficial due date – is it coming? Nope.

5. July 16th: There’s a helicopter flying over London. Is it a bird? Is it Kate? Is it a baby? Nope. Shock horror!

6. July 17th: The Telegraph’s live-feed to the Lindo wing goes live…it is a sign that she’s on her way. Nope.

7. July 17th: The helicopter that had been parked outside the Anglesey farmhouse has gone. Is Wills rushing to the hospital in London? Nope.

8. July 18th: The Queen abruptly leaves Lords cricket ground during an Ashes match. Is it to wet the baby’s head? Nope. She was clearly just bored. We don’t blame her.

9. July 19th: “All royal protection officers in Bucklebury appear to have left. Gates at Middleton family home left wide open,” one Twitter user writes. The world holds its breath. (Until we feel like we’re about to pass out)

10. July 19th: A security man is talking into a walkie-talkie outside the Lindo Wing…it is? Nope. He’s probably putting his order in for the Maccy D’s run.

Seriously Kate, start eating lots of spicy food because we can’t wait much longer!

By Lydia Southern and Zoe Crook

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