10 goals every entrepreneur should set themselves for 2016

I consider March as the year reaching it’s full momentum. Since January is a total write-off month and February is too miserable to be counted by the time March comes around, the days are much longer and you should have your yearly goals in order.

This article will serve as a top 10 things every entrepreneur (but really, everyone) should be setting themselves up for in the year we are calling 2016 courtesy of the good folks at Mashable.

1. Seek out like-minded people

If you’ve been flying solo thus far, try and seek out the people who have the same vision as you. Not necessarily to hire or work with but being connected to people with similar ethics can reinvigorate your passion for your business.

2. Appreciate that time is money

If you find yourself doling advice out to people not under your employment, start charging a consultancy fee. You’ll find that fewer people will bother you and you can dedicate your spare time to helping people who actually need it.

3. Health comes first

Never overwork yourself to the extent that it compromises your health. As well as feeling like death for no valid reason, you’ll lose precious productivity in the long run.

4. Delegate

You don’t have to do everything yourself. There’s a reason no company has ever been built and managed by one person single-handedly. Delegating and outsourcing work is the only way you can expect your business to grow.

5. Re-learn the internet 

The internet is constantly in flux and unless you’re making a conscious effort to learn, you’ll never be making the most of this gargantuan tool. “Beef up your internet presence” and get ahead of the game.

6. Invest in people, not ideas

Any person that has potential to usurp your position is worth keeping around. Invest in people instead of their ideas. One great initiative will move you forward but someone who has the potential to drive numerous initiatives will keep the company in constant motion.

7. Cut ties with problem-people

This one is simple. In your personal and business lives, cut out anyone who has the potential to slow or bring you down. Life is too precious to waste on problem-people.

8. Invest in yourself

Take evening or online classes where you can because if you want to business to last, you need to have a grasp on where it’s going. All learning requires is a little bit of extra effort.

9. Streamline your process

“Great tools aren’t substitute for hard work” but they sure as heck help. Using new technologies and apps, you can streamline your office and get the most out of your employees and time.

10. Keep your goals at the forefront of your decisions

You become an entrepreneur for a reason and as long as you remember what drove you in the first place, you’ll be hard to falter.