Woah, Yawning Could Be The Secret To Find Out Whether You’re A Psychopath

The scariest thing about psychopaths is that they live among us. Hell, a few people reading this are probably psychopaths. They might not realise it, people like that don’t tend to realise. It’s generally considered that psychopaths are beyond help, they just aren’t compatible with society. Let’s not start a witch hunt but you might feel better if we taught you a way to start to figure out if someone is a complete psycho.

It’s not perfect but the Bob Hare Psychopath Checklist is accepted as a metric for measuring how psychopathic a person is. It measures traits like narcissism, sexual deviance, empathy, impulsivity, criminality, manipulative controls and a load more factors that are common among these kind of people.

However, how someone reacts to yawns can say a lot about where they sit on the psychopath scale. When someone yawns in the nearby area, do you find yourself uncontrollably yawning despite not even recognising the original yawn? Even reading me right the words “yawn” and “yawning”, how does that make you feel?

The good news is that most of you probably yawned at least once. Congratulations, you’re not a complete psychopath. Experiencing ‘contagious yawns’ shows a healthy ability to empathise with others. If you didn’t even feel a tickle at the back of your throat, it doesn’t mean you’re due a killing streak but rather has brought to light your selfishness.

See, yawning is far more common among people with strong emotional relationships unlike psychopaths. It’s even been proven to happen among socially-inclined mammals like dogs and chimps. Psychopaths are void of any social inclinations, they lack the societal pressure to conform to any convention but their own wants and needs therefore wouldn’t experience this deeply rooted ‘contagious yawning’.

You’ve been calling your boss a psycho for years but studies say that people in positions of power are four times more likely to have psychopathic tendencies. It doesn’t help that achieving highly is both a factor on the psychopath checklist and the quickest way to get more power. Damn your non-yawning, damn talented, psychopath boss…