The British People Have Voted On The Worst Parts Of Britain

In a post-Brexit Britain, hate-crime is on the rise and our government is tearing at the seams. However, what you can count on is British people to self-deprecate as a defence. Our history¬†has been spotty to say the least so it’s probably for the best that we’ve developed the ability to not take ourselves too seriously lest the rest of the world judges us.

A new poll from Ipsos Mori asked Britons to choose the best and worst characteristics of the population of this fair country with some surprising and not-so-surprising results…

The poll surveyed 1,052 British people and found, just to start, that 60% of people would rather be British than any other nationality on earth!

Good traits featured our prime sense of humour and being friendly, for some reason. The former I can get on board with: we have created some damn good sit-coms over the years, however, friendliness shouldn’t be on there – when was the last time you got on the tube and weren’t treated like an oxygen thief?

Typically, the older generation felt the most proud of their British heritage with 71% of the age 55-75 age bracket saying that they’d rather be British than any other citizen of Britain.

The worst traits of British people were our inability to drink reasonably, being ignorant of other cultures, complaining too much, intolerant to the fringes of society and laziness… that all sounds pretty accurate.

The poll then asked people asked British people what made them proud to be part of this country. The NHS took the number one space followed by Our History which is concerning…

Statista put together a chart for Indy100 that shows what we’re most proud to be British:

Agree with this or not, you can’t deny that British people feel really strong about this little island of our’s.