This Is How The World’s Oldest Woman Has Managed To Make It To 117 Years Old

How long do you think you’re going to live for? Supposedly the first person to reach 150 years old is alive right now which is mind-blowing. What’s even crazier is that you might reach that age seeing as the oldest woman alive is almost 117 and lived for 49 years without the NHS.

Emma Morano is a couple of weeks off of turning 117 has shared her diet, the food regiment that let her live nearly as long as the oldest tortoise, with the internet.

If you’re as terrified of ending life as we are, you might want to pay attention.

The good news is that Emma doesn’t live off two meals a day consisting of a few spinach leaves and the dew of a dandelion, she actually eats.

Morano was born in Italy in 1899, we can’t imagine whether she gets excited for birthdays anymore. It must be weird knowing that every second you’re alive – you’re breaking a world record.

Speaking to Agence France-Presse, Emma Morano revealed her daily diet. As Huffington Post report: “Emma Morano said eating two raw eggs every day, plus a sweet treat, has helped to keep her youthful.”

And the best news of all: “I eat cookies”. Finally confirmation that the immortal get to eat cookies, too.

Alongside cookies and eggs, the centurion diet includes apple sauce, bananas, grapes and raw meat. We can’t imagine Morano needs a lot of food to sustain herself these days, she’s probably got a hook-up with the universe or the devil… anything to keep her alive.

But the plot thickens, living forever seems to run in the family. Although this diet might help you live longer, Morano’s two sisters also lived to around 100 pointing to a hereditary cause rather than a health one.

Living forever is overrated anyway.