The World’s Most Disappointing Tourist Attractions As Described By Grumpy Tourists

Is tourism an industry built on expectations? Think about it. There are only really seven true wonders of the world. What does that make every other tourist attraction? A waste of time? Potentially but I feel like we’ve already asked too many questions – let’s get some answers.

British tourists in particular are a fickle lot but have some great insights into things that aren’t just their living rooms. Vulnerable to any mild weather changes, this breed of tourist didn’t really have an outlet for their annual leave grief until Tripadvisor came along.

The Independent went digging through the reviews of popular tourist attractions from around the world and found some gold standard grumps coming up with quality criticisms of globally renowned sites.

Big Ben by Ady C, Iverness 

“Ooooooo Big Ben a big clock tower attached to the Houses of Parliament chimes ever now and again. Could do with a few birds of prey to kill the pigeons”.

Ady raises some good points. The two most common criticisms of Big Ben (which is actually the bell not the clock) are the lack of dead pigeons falling from its rafters and the noise it makes being a bell and everything.


Golden Gate Bridge by Sean G, Birmingham

“It’s a bridge. It’s covered in fog. Its pointless. Buy a postcard you will see more. Don’t get it the bay bridge is nicer”.

Sean’s right, it is pointless. Back in 1933 the engineers should have bloody thought about all that fog. Could they have built the bridge to be fog-proof? Why did they even build a bridge? Are the cars of San Francisco too good for a big ramp? Honestly.


The Eiffel Tower by Martin R

“Too big, too ugly and too many people. Prefer Blackpool Tower.”

Also, too much steel, too pointy, too French. Not like the Blackpool Tower in its beautiful, tiny, empty glory….


Stonehenge by PaulWindess, Weymouth

“We visited this pile of rocks recently and was bitterly disappointed. Don’t waste ya money spend it on a Big Mac or shoes for the kids”.

What is really alarming here is that Paul has once had to make a decision between getting himself a Big Mac or clothing his children. What a monster.

Also, Stonehenge isn’t really a pile of rocks per se, it’s a collection of rocks stood next to each other. Got Big Mac sauce in your eye or something, Paul?