The Best Working Schedule According To Your Age

You ever wonder why the people in your office seem to be super productive in the mornings or blatantly slacking off in the afternoons? Well, according to new studies, the differences between work schedules dramatically change according to your age!

It’s no secret that a twenty year old will work differently to a forty year old but if you ask anyone why people reference the sociology of the working environment more than biology. They’ll say “it’s because twenty year olds don’t have as much responsibility” or “older people don’t know how distracting the internet can be”…


Circadian rhythms are what govern our internal body clocks. These change throughout our lives as they regulate sleep patterns, temperature and energy levels. The ideal time to work and rest throughout the working day changes as you get older and, using modern developments in not working like a field-horse, you should adapt your work day accordingly.

Teenagers and young adults (20s)

“Until your mid-20s, your brain may still be in a stage of adolescence, resulting in sleeping late and waking up later”. See, Mum, we weren’t just being lazy. The late release of melatonin in teenagers means that 10am is the perfect time for working to avoid sleep deficiency. Do expect to run out of steam in the late afternoon, however.


Adults (mid-20s to 30s)

“While ideal work schedules are linked to individual preferences, a 9-5 schedule is recommended”. Studies have shown that late night shifts and working overtime will impact your cognitive functions so learning to achieve a work-life balance is crucial. Get used to the 9-5, it’ll be with you for the next 40 years…


Middle-Aged Adults (40s onward)

A study showed that 25 hours of work a week is the golden number for anyone approaching their golden years. This is the equivalent of three days of full-time work a week. Obviously no-one can pay off ridonkulous mortgages on this schedule but working anymore than this is linked heavily to stress and fatigue. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get through the days…