What It’s *Actually* Like Working For Apple, According To Ex-Employees

The Apple store is in a retail league of its own. The layout and protocol is unlike any other shop out there. The vast majority of people aren’t in there to buy anything, they’re usually just looking for a way to charge their phone.

The store seems to change every year as the company pumps out new ‘life-changing’ products. The idea is to draw you in and play with the products so when it’s time to get a new phone or laptop, you’ll remember who gave you a temporary roof and access to free wi-fi…


But the one thing we can never really know is why and how the employees do their jobs. How can they be so friendly all the time and put up with hundreds of people a week whining to them about how they dropped their iPhones in the toilet.

Reddit did some digging and found a few ex-employees to uncover all the skeletons out from under the Genius bar. This is what they learned.


One of the most popular questions was about the aesthetic of the employees. Since Apple employees are usually really interesting looking or just plain good looking, people were curious whether it’s a Hollister/Abercrombie situation where you have to be *this* attractive to work here.

It turns out that it’s just a coincidence: “I’ve never heard of any official policy regarding staying in shape. Good question.”


Image credit: Rex

What’s also unsurprising is that customers get very passionate about their phones getting repaired. “I had a dude once tell me to meet him in the parking lot so he could kick my ass. Store lead had to the call the cops.”

Now this is interesting: an employee told the group how to beat an employee that’s being less than helpful. Let’s say you’re looking for something specific but the Apple worker doesn’t want to help you:

“Quote the ‘creedo’ at him. Tell him to bear ‘finding out together’ policy in mind. It would freak him out to hear you say that.”


That’s right, Apple employees are obligated to help you; if you feel particularly slighted and vindictive: “If you ever buy anything, give a negative feedback through the net promoter. It will be read out at the daily meeting in front of everyone and he will feel embarrassed.”