Zipongo is the health app HUGE businesses are encouraging their employees use

Wellness apps are all the rage as a part of the metropolitan lifestyle. We’ve covered loads of them here on List For Life but never have we discussed how efficiently they can be integrated into the workplace. Zipongo is the app to take the lead in improving workplace nutrition globally.

Zipongo is a small digital start-up that aims to help employees make heads and tails of their canteen menus to fit their dietary and health goals. The app and site also extend out to take-aways and the home kitchen but what makes Zipongo different is that it’s being adopted as an employee staple among big companies.

Since it broke into the scene in 2011, Zipongo has hooked up with 125 companies including tens of thousands of employees across Google and IBM.

Speaking to the New York Times, the chief health officer at IBM said: “We strongly believe eating healthy is a social endeavour, both at work and at home. It makes no sense if you eat healthy at the office and then eat badly at home.”

The idea came about when founder Jason Langheier worked out the average cost of one nutrition counselling session was roughly $75. He thought that people should have these resources readily available and on their phones for a much cheaper price. Zipongo will put you back roughly $10 a month or £7.

You wouldn’t think it, but companies have been trying to raise awareness around healthy eating in the workplace for years. Well-fed employees work harder and are happier so it benefits everyone that employers would put the time and effort in to improve the health of the office.