You’re messing up at work because of this (and you don’t even know it!)

How long do you relax for each day? A few hours in the evening? Plus an hour for your lunch break? Nope, not even close! And it’s the reason why you’re messing up at work.

So how long do people actually relax for in a day? Well the average person is only able to fully relax for 36 minutes a day. Yep, how crazy is that? That’s just three hours across the working week!

The study found that a HUGE seven in ten feel ‘overworked’ – with work stress and too few proper breaks the leading causes of a lack of ‘me time’.

When quizzed on where the pressure in their lives originates, people were most likely to cite the stress around saving money and general worries over work as the driving factors.


Are you taking enough breaks?

Less than half (47%) of workers actually take a proper break every day. One in ten feeling they never take a break in a typical work day! You need to claim your lunch break guys, and here is how.

In fact, as many as 30% of the people polled say it’s been over six months (!) since they felt fully able to break from work and recharge.

This is why you’re messing up at work

Not taking a break is taking it’s toll. The average worker, according to the study, makes three mistakes every week. That’s more than 150 a year! The reason why they are messing up? Tiredness.

Are you always tired? You need to read this!


What should you do to relax?

Even when ‘relaxing’ at home, one in four admitted that they zone out in front of the TV. Nearly a third (32%) said that calling a friend or relative helped them feel properly refreshed.

The best thing you can do though is enjoy some JOMO (joy of missing out) – 29% of people said that they feel the most rested when getting quiet time to themselves.

Go and do it now!