#YourDreamCourse round-up – get involved with these INCREDIBLE training programs

Listen up job-seekers everywhere, List For Life have launched a #YourDreamCourse campaign to pluck the most life-changing training opportunities from the depths of the internet and deliver them for your consideration.

Check out these awesome training and empowerment courses below and get involved before you miss the boat!

1. Cookery – Edinburgh

If you’ve ever wanted to give cooking a genuine college-try, then why not apply to the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School for a course? Whether you want a one-day session or a whole gap-year – this place caters for all schedules and abilities.

2. Fundraising – London

A qualification from the institute of fundraising isn’t a bad start if you’re looking to get involved with any non-profits or NGOs. The course can be completed in less than 3 months and could totally change your career and outlook on life.

3. Code Academy

We’ll be the first to tell you how valuable a skill coding is right now, and it’s going to be worth more in the future. With this online course, you can sign up and be learning to code within minutes.

4. Prepare To Teach – Cardiff

For those looking to get involved with teaching but who have prior engagements, this Prepare To Teach course from Cardiff Met is a flexible and efficient way of jumping into teaching with a busy schedule.

5. Photography – Belfast

Have you cultivated a reputation for having a strong Instagram game? Double-down on your gift with this digital photography for beginners course at Belfast Met.