Is YOUR upbringing affecting your career?

Did you have strict parents when growing up? Or were they pretty chilled? Believe it or not, your upbringing has a huge impact on how successful you will be later in life.

Here are five ways your family relationships may be affecting your career. As if you needed any more stress in your life…LOL! But still you do need to read this!

1. Work ethic

If your parents put in a lot of extra hours in their jobs, and worked really hard during your upbringing then you are more likely to do the same. Ambition is inherited. A study by Live Strong said: “The ambitious teen will choose positions that will provide extra challenges and duties that will propel him to a more successful and lucrative career, while the less motivated might find themselves stagnating in a job.”

Source: Parental Influences on the Career Choices & Decision-Making of Adolescents

>2. Drive

If you are close to your parents this could mean that you will be more successful and driven. According to Kathleen Moritz Rudasill and Carolyn M. Callahan of the National Association of Gifted Children: “When we have strong bonds with our children, we easily transmit our values, beliefs, and interests to them, and this can contribute to our children’s career choices and success. As parents who support and advise our children’s career development, we pave the way for our children to feel free to pursue non-traditional careers”.

Source: Parenting and Gender Stereotypes: Are We Limiting Our Children’s Career Paths?

3. Laziness

If you have parents who were very indulgent, then you are more likely to be impulsive, lazy and selfish in the workplace, according to psychologists. If your parents let you do whatever you wanted when you were growing up, or if you were up eating ice cream in front of the TV at 2am your whole childhood, then you are less likely to be successful science has shown.

Source: Impact of Parenting Styles on Different Styles of Learners

>4. Expression

A study of university women found that if parents, particularly fathers, encourage their children to express their opinions, then the children will grow up to be more confident at speaking their minds. People with really strict parents are, according to psychologists, less likely to voice their opinions because they have been brought up to be quieter.

Source: The father-daughter relationship: familial interactions that impact a daughter’s style of life

>5. Motivation

Psychologists have shown that children with authoritative parents – who are strict but also supportive and encouraging – end up with high self-esteem. That kind of upbringing also makes them more success in their careers and amongst their friends and they are more likely to do well at school and in the workplace.

Source: Impact of Parenting Styles on Different Styles of Learners

If you are worried about stress at work visit the NHS website.