The worst interview question EVERY job-seeker has to deal with…

Interviews as a job-seeker are very different to interviews as someone who is already employed. As someone who needs a job, there is such thing as a ‘worst interview’. For the other half, it’s an unfortunate conversation that, at worst, will result in a bit of disappointment. Job-seekers have it tough but need to remember that (almost) everyone was in their position at one point or another.

Now, there are dozens of stock trick questions employers put out there to either test your mettle or because they’re sadistic sociopaths. If you’ve been to a few interviews (or read our tips!) you’ll know how to side-step these land mines but there are a few questions that, no matter how prepared you are, will always get your goat!

As Forbes report, the worst interview question that job-seekers have to deal with is: “What were you earning at your old job?”

The sad reality is that despite it being impolite and irrelevant to the interview, job-seekers are on the back foot enough to reluctantly give an answer. You wouldn’t want to lose a job opportunity because of pride (but you really should).

My mum always told me not to ask people what their political leanings are and how much money they make. An interviewer couldn’t get away with asking you where you stand on the EU referendum so why is this breach of privacy okay?

So what do you even answer in this situation? We’re all about solutions here so try these responses next time you get flanked by this awful line of questioning:

  • “In this job search I’m focusing on jobs in the X amount range. Is this job in that range?”
  • “It was appropriate for the amount of responsibility I had”
  • “I’m motivated by other factors of the job, not just the money”.

It’s all a game of deflection! With enough practice you’ll be untouchable even in the worst interview situations.