How To Turn Your Commute Into A *Serious* Workout

The average Londoner wastes a whole year of their life on their commute to work. While a lot of people are going to be spending that with their nose down playing Pokemon Go, the rest of you can achieve that late-summer body before you’re even in the office.

With these techniques you can get your exercise for the day without having to shell out for a gym pass or sacrifice one of your precious nights off!

1. On yer bike

We’ll start with the simplest of solutions. Buy a decent bike! Not only will you be more likely to cycle to the office if you invest some hard earned cash, but you’ll also get a rush of endorphins every time you arrive at work. Most need several espresso shots before they get going, but you’ll be straight out of the gate from minute one. Who knows, maybe a head start is all you need to impress the boss and get that long-awaited promotion…


Image credit: Instagram – @songofstyle

2. Park further away from the office

Sure it seems like a waste of time, but leaving the gas guzzler an extra mile away from work could be the key to dropping some of that extra holiday weight. If you’re a city cat, parking further out also means you’ll miss the rush hour traffic on the way home. You know it makes sense…

3. The ‘commuter crunch’

Who knew having a good old sit down could be so good for your physique? This favourite of rail riders will have you well on your way to a set of killer abs. Try tucking in your pelvis and tensing your lower ab muscles, and then your upper abs before moving your ribcage slightly towards your hips. Hold for seven seconds and remember to breathe. The best part is, no one will suspect a thing!

4. Stand by me

You’ll only spend most of the day sat on your bum anyway, so why do it on the way to work too? What’s more, research has shown people who sit most of the time are more likely to develop blood clots, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It’s not like you’ll be lucky enough to get a seat anyway.

5. Take the stairs

This goes without saying. Step away from the lift, lazy!

6. Steering wheel workout

Everyone hates traffic jams, so if you drive to work why not give your body a once-over whenever you hit a red light. Steering wheel push ups are a great way of  developing core arm muscles. You’re essentially doing a tight push-up by pulling your body toward the wheel and then away. It might be worth investing in some black-out windows.